Monday, June 30, 2008


-----alan winston and ivory @ the derby (1:30 am Sunday morning)

12:42 am Monday morning

Beth to Jut: How did you ever think you could pull this off? ya know, like before you met me?

Jut to Beth: I just knew it would happen. Cuz that's how my life works. Ask any of my friends. I think things and they just happen.

for the first report and a huge shout out check out my partner in crime and secret weapon to actually pulling this thing off.
It's 1:09 am on Monday morning and the Enduro De Ocho is still in affect as you can tell from the picture above taken 30 seconds ago.

Seriously though.. words will not do this weekend justice.. you will see.

After a LONG day of racing and serious La Zoom partying the "Derby Nite" was glorious:

"Can't wait for the dodgeball pictures! "


You missed a good one.


Friday, June 27, 2008

The day has comith...

OK, be at campsite 4/5 on Reservoir Rd at 9:00 tomorrow for your itinerary and further instructions. The campsite is on your left as you head up to the Trace Ridge trail head off of 5,000. If you don't have a clue where this is give me a call. 828.713.9400. The race will start 9:30. the second event starts in the woods where the first event ends so if you miss start good luck finding us. If you're local it shouldn't be a problem to find the campsite but get there on time as we have A LOT to do and we can't wait around and do things on Asheville Mountain Biker time. Carpooling is strongly encouraged. There are many different reasonable parking spots. You may choose to park near the bottom/start of the race, or you may to park at the parkway and ride down to the start. Around 11-ish we will congregate at the starting campsite for a provided lunch of pasta salad n' stuff, there is a nice spot to soak in water and clean up.

map of area not to scale

Thursday, June 26, 2008

45 hours and Counting...

Well boys and girls. The wait is almost over. The Enduro De Ocho is coming together despite my ability to break for good times and reggee concerts. What has made it so easy to plan is the fact that planning the event means I have to ride all the killer trails, pumptracks and cruise the city looking for fun spots to play on my bike and the best places to enjoy a pint.

We have a few important announcements to make today and tomorrow you will get details on where all this will begin and other important details on times locations and what nots. A good party requires some help from others and we need your help with our wish list. There are a few things that I don't have and will need to make this race (i mean party) the best it can be. If you have any of these items please email me and let me know so I can take them off the list. Your items will be returned to you in the same condition (maybe with a little beer on them) and you might even get a bonus point or two for your help. Also, there has been one change in the original plan so read on and help out if you can...

1. I have heard too many times over the past few days "Jut, I would love to do the enduro but (insert lame excuse here) so I can't take a whole weekend off to do nothing but have fun". Well, I feel for those poor souls but understand as I have "been there" too. So, I am personally inviting you to partake in the Enduro in whatever capacity you have available. Of course you will have no chance of winning the title and proclaiming yourself the MOST BADASS MOUNTAIN BIKER IN THE WORLD but you could go home with a good buzz and satisfied that you won a particular event. Also, the bus will most likely be full so only those participating in the entire event and volunteers will have a seat reserved but if more spots are available see me on Saturday and I will get you on if there is room (20 bucks for the bus ride and the free beer that comes with it).

2. We need four 20in bikes. We aren't doing anything too crazy with them like lake jumping (sorry, maybe next year) or something that will trash them. So steal your little sister's bike or if you still have your kuwahara bust it out for some good times.

3. Anyone know someone who can document this insanity? We need people to take good photos, video or documentarians to make sure we can actually remember wtf happened. Bring your camera, video or otherwise and let's make a movie. I could make a movie from the preplanning festivities that have taken place so I can only imagine how video worthy the actual event will be.

4. We need volunteers! We already have several people ready to help but as with any undertaking such as this one the more volunteers the better and more people just mean a bigger party. Bring your GF, BF or friend that likes to have a good time and Beth and I will give them something fun to do and free beer.

5. Ok, since some of you will be heading this way tomorrow and packing up tonight. Here are a few things you need to throw in your bag if you want. A couple pairs of cycling clothes, flat pedals if you want them for a few events, pain killers or any other meds that you may need to make it through two days of riding and partying, rain gear just in case (storms pop up in the mountains quickly around here), an open mind and fresh legs, a sleep bag/sleep pad if you are planning on staying at the crow's nest or Pisgah Works Headquarters oh and don't forget your towel.

We currently have 22 or so party people ready to ride, drink, repeat for two days so there are a few spots still available. Get on the bus while you can...


Monday, June 23, 2008

If this is the scene in downtown Asheville Sunday will someone please get a tranquilizer dart and put me to sleep... Not to be the kind of guy that does anything half ass, I'm going all in on this one. Expect two days of riding some of the best trails, pump tracks, urban environments that the south east has to offer and drinking great beer. Registration if filling up so if you have taken the 3.2 seconds it takes register go ahead and do it now then get back to your porn surfing, online shopping, or if you're lame like me, blogging. The Enduro will soon be here and I am busy making last minute preparations and training hard (watching a bike race and drinking). I don't have too much to say, I just wanted to check in and let you know I haven't forgotten about you and tell you to get ready for some serious action. Look for a update coming on Wednesday with a few more details and for those of you that have signed up, sing it with me mutherfuckers.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!

Alright a few details have been leaked (I can't hold back after a few beers) but for those that haven't had the pleasure of late nights with Jut Rut here is the information you need to get you started.
First rule of MBAMBW is there is no MBAMBW. If some douche catches wind of this thing and asks how do I get in or where is this thing happening just respond in your favorite foreign phase. "Y tu mamá también"
Second rule - You may only use one bike for the whole weekend (slight modifications are acceptable). In a town were dudes have a bike for every occasion (I am guilty) I want to take you back to a simpler time. Remember that first mountain bike you had? You did everything on it and loved it. Well I am taking you back to the glory days... Get ready they are here again.
Third rule - Each category will be awarded points that will be accumulated over the course of two days of fierce competition. The MBAMBW will be awarded to the person who has the most points after two days of competition. You may opt out of any discipline if you consider it risky or know you suck and receive no points. There will also be bonus points awarded for various events and non bike related high jinks.
Fourth rule - Don't take this too seriously. If you are found to be bitching or moaning about this or that you will be disqualified. Though I have led you to believe this is a race or some official gathering I only jest. This started as a birthday celebration with friends and since I have way too much free time and a lust for all things that involve riding bikes and beer the Enduro De Ocho was born. Again, this is not a race so don't run some dude over on the trail or get run over on the street running a red light. This world is a little short on fun events these days so I am stepping up and doing my part to give the bike community a much needed shot in the arm and remind people that as adults that are not getting paid to ride bikes we need to remember why we started riding these things in the first place (because it's fun, duh). Since it's not a race there will be no entry fee. I will be asking for a donation to cover the La Zoom Bus and some lunch that will be served on Saturday but we are talking about 25 bucks for two full days of riding bikes and drinking free beer, free lunch and tons of killer prems from swiftwick, local shops and my garage. Your swag, beer consumption, free food and the La Zoom Experience will certainly be worth the price you pay to play.
Fifth rule - you must register! Even though this is not an official event the La Zoom Bus will only hold so many bike freaks and volunteers (40 to be exact) so starting tomorrow (fuck it, go ahead and register today if you want) you must click on the comments section at the bottom of this post and give me your name, nickname/alias, phone number, and blood type. Registration is over after 30 people have signed up but anyone is welcome to come out and get their "good times" on and have a few beers with us. We need volunteers so if you can't make both days why not give back and enhance your karma points. Volunteers should contact me or post up and let me know when you are available and we will make sure you have a fun time and a few coldies.
Alright now the rules are out of the way here is what you can expect...
Uphill mass start cross country race 3.6 miles. (you might hate me)
Downhill super d time trial. 3.8 miles. (you will love me)
Free lunch by a swimming hole (bring your bathing suit)
Pump track session / dirt jump comp / log ride comp (bmx rules!)
Urban trials / bunny hop comp / skinny ride comp (yea your in shape but can you ride it)
Viewing of a bad ass mountain bike video at Asheville Pizza and Brewing. (take a load off and eat some dinner)
La Zoom Bus ride with kegs on board and various stops that involve bike and non bike related events that will be awarded points. (Expect the unexpected)
Post La Zoom Bus events derby and bike limbo (derailleurs beware)
Cross Country race #2 (short and fun 6-8 miles)
Jump contest
Social ride and swim (bring your trunks again)
Point to Point Urban Adventure Race (think alley cat on mountain bikes)
Pump track time trials (can you say fun?)
Chopper bike time trial and obstacle course (wtf?)
Award Ceremony
So there you have the gist... 16 or so events with bonus points galore.
Be ready to start at 9a.m. on Saturday at a location to be divulged on Thursday of next week (it's no further than 20 minutes of downtown Asheville). Driving will be kept to a minimum as I have spent a lot of time planning logistics so you may spend most of the weekend traveling to and from events by bike. We will have a few kegs of Yazoo's finest and a keg of some local Asheville Brew that will be available at various location during the race weekend and on the bus. Tell your significant other that will will most likely not make it home before 1:30 am on Saturday night and a sober ride would be in your best interest if you don't live close enough to ride a bike home (or even if you do). The party will commence again 10 am on Sunday and should wrap up by 6 o'clock on Sunday. That covers it for now... Let the registration begin...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Check back tomorrow. I promise you the good stuff then...

Today got away from me and the IPA from The Wedge Brewing Company kicked my ass. A bike outing with Beth to scout locations for the Ocho festivities lead to an early happy hour and my ass was done. I have somewhere to be 10 minutes ago so I am off to kick it. I know I have promised details but you are going to have to wait a few more hours till the official update can be posted. Update coming by high noon. Rock n roll tonight fellas.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


And on the sixth day god created bicycles and said, "go into the woods, drink beer and race them in every possible way". Now, I haven't read the bible but I probably would if it contained some mention of this proclamation. I can tell you that if jesus raced bicycles he would defiantly be at the Enduro De Ocho. He probably wouldn't approve of all the events and shenanigans that will take place over the weekend but he would be there to bless you as you go screaming down 3 miles descents, give you peace as you suffer up 3 mile climbs and then wash away all your sins from a night on the La Zoom Bus before you go back home to your significant other.

Check out the blog tomorrow for some juicy bits of info that will aid you in your quest of the MBAMBW Title. Expect the unexpected and know that the Most Bad Ass Mountain Biker in the World will be determined on this weekend once and for all (maybe again next year if no one goes to jail). This is not some SSUSA, SSWC, NORBA Champion, or Yellow Jersey crap, no the MBAMBW title is up for grabs so get your ass to Asheville and compete in what will be a mountain bike race that will test every aspect of what it means to ride two wheels in the dirt with big tires. Mountain biking has come a long way and so have you so why not use everything you have in your bag and show up to see how you stack up. One half old school, one half new school and one third wtf? This event will level the playing field and may just be what you always wanted but didn't know you were lacking.

See you tomorrow, for details.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's coming...

Are you ready for some fun? Get your ass ready for some good times...
instructions coming by midweek... can I get a hell yes!