Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pump Track Parade


PisgahWorks said...

Brock Landers made some really cool spoke cards. Maybe he's not dead. It was probably good that he pretended he was dead this weekend.

Beth, Thanks for donating your weekend to this. That was a big sacrifice knowing how much you would've loved to participate.

Jut, WTF can anyone say? Did that really happen? The title is yours. Way to step it all up. Thanks for showing us the way.

Enduro De Ocho was HUGE.

Some cool people traveled from near and far. Huge props for the Ohioans and Mirabai, the only woman to step up and go for the title. Where were our local lady riders?

Some great relationships took on another thread to make the seam that much tighter. Sharpe, Ivory, come on? Thanks for makin the time instead of excuses.

Everyone who made it to the end deserves some props. It was enduring.

Johnson's flip at the end was over the top. How much coordination does he have? That chopper endo'd.

Time to sober up. The cobwebs have dew on them.

incognito said...

The pump track is cool. I might turn my backyard into one. Just need to uproot a tree or two.