Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OMG, here we go again...

The Enduro is over and the scabs are healing. Once again thanks to all that participated and helped out with such a gala event. I actually got some sleep last night so I figured I would send out a little teaser. If the Enduro De Ocho left you wanting more (now that you have recovered) then I offer you more...

Crow's Nest Productions Presents:

Harvest De Ocho

Details are of course a ways out and will be kept somewhat top secret until we get closer to gettin' down so stay in the loop and don't stray too far from this here blog. I can say that you should ask off for the Halloween Weekend and the event will begin on Oct 31st and end in the early hours of November 2 giving you a few hours to sleep it off this time before heading home later in the day.

Full final write up coming soon with all the pics and video that has been collected from the Enduro De Ocho. Jut loves you...

the kick ass image is from oldskooltrack.com check it out.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

If pictures tells a thousand words...

Here is your novel. I still feel like I have simultaneously been in a bar fight, 5 day stage race and a week long bender. Wow, is still the only thing I can say about it. More words to come soon. I have to go back into the real world today and I am not happy about it. But what keeps me going is the memories and knowing that this is going to happen again. Before I rush out the door I want to thank everyone involved.

Matt J and Eric over at Biowheels for the swag, place to party and for just being great people that embraced the idea of the Enduro the first time I mentioned it.

Jeff and I-9 for the most amazing place to throw the urban trials, pump track, skinnies, bunny hop and dirt jump portion of the Enduro. Thanks for coming out on your day off to join in the fun and for making the most bad ass mountain bike wheels in the world (I-9s are officially the MBAMBWW).

Swiftwick's own Sharpie pulled through in so many respects, again it's hard to put in to words.. thanks for hooking us up with THE BEST SOCKS IN THE WORLD.. perfect for the MBAMBW!

Pisgah Works for donating tons of swag and who's good times attitude has made this town feel like home as soon as I landed.

To my new best friend, race promoter extraordinaire, bad ass mountain bike racer and winner of the party for the last two nights in a row. If you see this girl out on the town buy her a beer because the Enduro would not have been nearly as cool with out her help and ability to go days with out sleep and wonderful attitude. Beth Roberts, we love you!

Thanks to French Broad Brewing and Yazoo Brewing for donating three kegs of beer that were finished in two days.

To all of our volunteers, including but not limited to:

Lauren Britton

Rachel Devore

Traci Malone

Chris Bennett

Ty Gilpen

Michelle Pugliese

Lara Lustig

Matt Dinsmore

Chris Otahal


I-9 Jeff

Mike Mooney

So many people came out to help in what ever way they could. You know who you are and we are sending you the love...

More words coming and more pictures / video will be up soon.

Bike love!

Jut (and Beth)