Thursday, June 26, 2008

45 hours and Counting...

Well boys and girls. The wait is almost over. The Enduro De Ocho is coming together despite my ability to break for good times and reggee concerts. What has made it so easy to plan is the fact that planning the event means I have to ride all the killer trails, pumptracks and cruise the city looking for fun spots to play on my bike and the best places to enjoy a pint.

We have a few important announcements to make today and tomorrow you will get details on where all this will begin and other important details on times locations and what nots. A good party requires some help from others and we need your help with our wish list. There are a few things that I don't have and will need to make this race (i mean party) the best it can be. If you have any of these items please email me and let me know so I can take them off the list. Your items will be returned to you in the same condition (maybe with a little beer on them) and you might even get a bonus point or two for your help. Also, there has been one change in the original plan so read on and help out if you can...

1. I have heard too many times over the past few days "Jut, I would love to do the enduro but (insert lame excuse here) so I can't take a whole weekend off to do nothing but have fun". Well, I feel for those poor souls but understand as I have "been there" too. So, I am personally inviting you to partake in the Enduro in whatever capacity you have available. Of course you will have no chance of winning the title and proclaiming yourself the MOST BADASS MOUNTAIN BIKER IN THE WORLD but you could go home with a good buzz and satisfied that you won a particular event. Also, the bus will most likely be full so only those participating in the entire event and volunteers will have a seat reserved but if more spots are available see me on Saturday and I will get you on if there is room (20 bucks for the bus ride and the free beer that comes with it).

2. We need four 20in bikes. We aren't doing anything too crazy with them like lake jumping (sorry, maybe next year) or something that will trash them. So steal your little sister's bike or if you still have your kuwahara bust it out for some good times.

3. Anyone know someone who can document this insanity? We need people to take good photos, video or documentarians to make sure we can actually remember wtf happened. Bring your camera, video or otherwise and let's make a movie. I could make a movie from the preplanning festivities that have taken place so I can only imagine how video worthy the actual event will be.

4. We need volunteers! We already have several people ready to help but as with any undertaking such as this one the more volunteers the better and more people just mean a bigger party. Bring your GF, BF or friend that likes to have a good time and Beth and I will give them something fun to do and free beer.

5. Ok, since some of you will be heading this way tomorrow and packing up tonight. Here are a few things you need to throw in your bag if you want. A couple pairs of cycling clothes, flat pedals if you want them for a few events, pain killers or any other meds that you may need to make it through two days of riding and partying, rain gear just in case (storms pop up in the mountains quickly around here), an open mind and fresh legs, a sleep bag/sleep pad if you are planning on staying at the crow's nest or Pisgah Works Headquarters oh and don't forget your towel.

We currently have 22 or so party people ready to ride, drink, repeat for two days so there are a few spots still available. Get on the bus while you can...


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