Friday, June 27, 2008

The day has comith...

OK, be at campsite 4/5 on Reservoir Rd at 9:00 tomorrow for your itinerary and further instructions. The campsite is on your left as you head up to the Trace Ridge trail head off of 5,000. If you don't have a clue where this is give me a call. 828.713.9400. The race will start 9:30. the second event starts in the woods where the first event ends so if you miss start good luck finding us. If you're local it shouldn't be a problem to find the campsite but get there on time as we have A LOT to do and we can't wait around and do things on Asheville Mountain Biker time. Carpooling is strongly encouraged. There are many different reasonable parking spots. You may choose to park near the bottom/start of the race, or you may to park at the parkway and ride down to the start. Around 11-ish we will congregate at the starting campsite for a provided lunch of pasta salad n' stuff, there is a nice spot to soak in water and clean up.

map of area not to scale


Pisgah Princess said...

its on..
yesterday was unreal.. results and pictures will be up soon.. but after a long evening of serious fun, Chris Ivory won the party! and Lara and I crunched numbers into the wee hours..
it is true so far Jut Rut has a pretty good lead.. much more on this later, we have another day to get started here. I'm sure most people are passed out.. and probably won't want to get up and participate in the x-c race this morning, but as you will see from the point spread, every event counts!!!

more later

cornfed said...

Ivory ALWAYS wins the party. Hell, he usually IS the party.

Sad I'm missing out of the fun. And Jut cheats.