Tuesday, June 17, 2008


And on the sixth day god created bicycles and said, "go into the woods, drink beer and race them in every possible way". Now, I haven't read the bible but I probably would if it contained some mention of this proclamation. I can tell you that if jesus raced bicycles he would defiantly be at the Enduro De Ocho. He probably wouldn't approve of all the events and shenanigans that will take place over the weekend but he would be there to bless you as you go screaming down 3 miles descents, give you peace as you suffer up 3 mile climbs and then wash away all your sins from a night on the La Zoom Bus before you go back home to your significant other.

Check out the blog tomorrow for some juicy bits of info that will aid you in your quest of the MBAMBW Title. Expect the unexpected and know that the Most Bad Ass Mountain Biker in the World will be determined on this weekend once and for all (maybe again next year if no one goes to jail). This is not some SSUSA, SSWC, NORBA Champion, or Yellow Jersey crap, no the MBAMBW title is up for grabs so get your ass to Asheville and compete in what will be a mountain bike race that will test every aspect of what it means to ride two wheels in the dirt with big tires. Mountain biking has come a long way and so have you so why not use everything you have in your bag and show up to see how you stack up. One half old school, one half new school and one third wtf? This event will level the playing field and may just be what you always wanted but didn't know you were lacking.

See you tomorrow, for details.


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T said...

Can't wait to make the race sounds like my kind of an event. See you next week jut rut. Get ready to ride hard and party harder.

Tom Boonen