Monday, June 23, 2008

If this is the scene in downtown Asheville Sunday will someone please get a tranquilizer dart and put me to sleep... Not to be the kind of guy that does anything half ass, I'm going all in on this one. Expect two days of riding some of the best trails, pump tracks, urban environments that the south east has to offer and drinking great beer. Registration if filling up so if you have taken the 3.2 seconds it takes register go ahead and do it now then get back to your porn surfing, online shopping, or if you're lame like me, blogging. The Enduro will soon be here and I am busy making last minute preparations and training hard (watching a bike race and drinking). I don't have too much to say, I just wanted to check in and let you know I haven't forgotten about you and tell you to get ready for some serious action. Look for a update coming on Wednesday with a few more details and for those of you that have signed up, sing it with me mutherfuckers.


Beth said...

so so so.. Jut Rut, in rereading the rules and regs below, i wanna highlight a few things.. the 4th rule is sooooooooooooooo muy im-por-tan-te, I want to thank you for your contruibution to the message of fun that is reflected in your rule #4, whoo hoo- "let the games begin!" (in 5 days)
(*and good luck with this one to any game players, ha! whose judging this one anyway? seriously though)

then this caught me off guard when i got to the bottom: "Tell your significant other that will will most likely not make it home before 1:30 am on Saturday night and a sober ride would be in your best interest if you don't live close enough to ride a bike home (or even if you do)."

I just want it to be clear that this is a sugestion to get your siginifacnt other to be your DD that night, or be able to not get pulled by the cops on the way home via car or bike(*ahemmm.) This suggestion is not trying to discourage serious buzzes, right?

this is going to be fun. can't wait!

Jut Rut said...

Yes, Beth's watchful eye has noticed a key part in winning the overall title of MBAMBW is staying out of jail. You will need a sober ride home because if you get pulled over you will probably go to jail. That means when everyone else is riding sweet single track on Sunday morning you're talking with a bail bondsman trying to get out and hoping you won't need a suspension seatpost for the next few months. Good call. Don't Drink and Drive! Going to jail sucks, trust me on that one.


Pisgah Princess said...

.. getting close to needing that wish list posted.. just a friendly reminder here.. 20 in bikes.. A Camera person! who wants to make history in the Banff Film Festival? air horn... and probably a lot more.. post this soonish.