Monday, June 30, 2008


-----alan winston and ivory @ the derby (1:30 am Sunday morning)

12:42 am Monday morning

Beth to Jut: How did you ever think you could pull this off? ya know, like before you met me?

Jut to Beth: I just knew it would happen. Cuz that's how my life works. Ask any of my friends. I think things and they just happen.

for the first report and a huge shout out check out my partner in crime and secret weapon to actually pulling this thing off.
It's 1:09 am on Monday morning and the Enduro De Ocho is still in affect as you can tell from the picture above taken 30 seconds ago.

Seriously though.. words will not do this weekend justice.. you will see.

After a LONG day of racing and serious La Zoom partying the "Derby Nite" was glorious:

"Can't wait for the dodgeball pictures! "


You missed a good one.



Sharpie said...

Yo Kids,

Cracking up at these photos and how long it took me to get off the couch this morning... DAMN, I AM SORE!! what a weekend!!!! Dunn Beetle and I got into Nashie around 1:15AM CDT. I am already trolling the blogs to see evidence of the carnage. You guys throw a mean party. It is top of my list, and far better than ANY BIKE RACE I HAVE EVER ATTENDED. PERIOD. See ya'll next year... hell maybe NEXT WEEK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Saturday was about as much fun as one can have in this town; and I didn't even ride!!!!
Just wanted to say thanks to Justin and Beth for putting on the most kick-ass event Asheville has seen in a awhile!
I assume Sunday was every bit as fun as Saturday. Hated I had to miss it.
I enjoyed hanging with the locals and meeting the non-locals. Excellent group of folks!

Jeff @ I9

PisgahWorks said...

I can't believe how sore I am. It's Tuesday. I'm not sure what happened to Monday.