Thursday, June 19, 2008

Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!

Alright a few details have been leaked (I can't hold back after a few beers) but for those that haven't had the pleasure of late nights with Jut Rut here is the information you need to get you started.
First rule of MBAMBW is there is no MBAMBW. If some douche catches wind of this thing and asks how do I get in or where is this thing happening just respond in your favorite foreign phase. "Y tu mamá también"
Second rule - You may only use one bike for the whole weekend (slight modifications are acceptable). In a town were dudes have a bike for every occasion (I am guilty) I want to take you back to a simpler time. Remember that first mountain bike you had? You did everything on it and loved it. Well I am taking you back to the glory days... Get ready they are here again.
Third rule - Each category will be awarded points that will be accumulated over the course of two days of fierce competition. The MBAMBW will be awarded to the person who has the most points after two days of competition. You may opt out of any discipline if you consider it risky or know you suck and receive no points. There will also be bonus points awarded for various events and non bike related high jinks.
Fourth rule - Don't take this too seriously. If you are found to be bitching or moaning about this or that you will be disqualified. Though I have led you to believe this is a race or some official gathering I only jest. This started as a birthday celebration with friends and since I have way too much free time and a lust for all things that involve riding bikes and beer the Enduro De Ocho was born. Again, this is not a race so don't run some dude over on the trail or get run over on the street running a red light. This world is a little short on fun events these days so I am stepping up and doing my part to give the bike community a much needed shot in the arm and remind people that as adults that are not getting paid to ride bikes we need to remember why we started riding these things in the first place (because it's fun, duh). Since it's not a race there will be no entry fee. I will be asking for a donation to cover the La Zoom Bus and some lunch that will be served on Saturday but we are talking about 25 bucks for two full days of riding bikes and drinking free beer, free lunch and tons of killer prems from swiftwick, local shops and my garage. Your swag, beer consumption, free food and the La Zoom Experience will certainly be worth the price you pay to play.
Fifth rule - you must register! Even though this is not an official event the La Zoom Bus will only hold so many bike freaks and volunteers (40 to be exact) so starting tomorrow (fuck it, go ahead and register today if you want) you must click on the comments section at the bottom of this post and give me your name, nickname/alias, phone number, and blood type. Registration is over after 30 people have signed up but anyone is welcome to come out and get their "good times" on and have a few beers with us. We need volunteers so if you can't make both days why not give back and enhance your karma points. Volunteers should contact me or post up and let me know when you are available and we will make sure you have a fun time and a few coldies.
Alright now the rules are out of the way here is what you can expect...
Uphill mass start cross country race 3.6 miles. (you might hate me)
Downhill super d time trial. 3.8 miles. (you will love me)
Free lunch by a swimming hole (bring your bathing suit)
Pump track session / dirt jump comp / log ride comp (bmx rules!)
Urban trials / bunny hop comp / skinny ride comp (yea your in shape but can you ride it)
Viewing of a bad ass mountain bike video at Asheville Pizza and Brewing. (take a load off and eat some dinner)
La Zoom Bus ride with kegs on board and various stops that involve bike and non bike related events that will be awarded points. (Expect the unexpected)
Post La Zoom Bus events derby and bike limbo (derailleurs beware)
Cross Country race #2 (short and fun 6-8 miles)
Jump contest
Social ride and swim (bring your trunks again)
Point to Point Urban Adventure Race (think alley cat on mountain bikes)
Pump track time trials (can you say fun?)
Chopper bike time trial and obstacle course (wtf?)
Award Ceremony
So there you have the gist... 16 or so events with bonus points galore.
Be ready to start at 9a.m. on Saturday at a location to be divulged on Thursday of next week (it's no further than 20 minutes of downtown Asheville). Driving will be kept to a minimum as I have spent a lot of time planning logistics so you may spend most of the weekend traveling to and from events by bike. We will have a few kegs of Yazoo's finest and a keg of some local Asheville Brew that will be available at various location during the race weekend and on the bus. Tell your significant other that will will most likely not make it home before 1:30 am on Saturday night and a sober ride would be in your best interest if you don't live close enough to ride a bike home (or even if you do). The party will commence again 10 am on Sunday and should wrap up by 6 o'clock on Sunday. That covers it for now... Let the registration begin...


Anonymous said...

Doug Fredrick, aka Dougie Fresh, 516-426-9780, o-, Coming up from the ATL to take home the title bitches...

Anonymous said...

Brock Landers will be there in full fucking pack your bags Dougie Fresh, this one is mine...O neg yo!

Beth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Drew said...

Drew Hager aka. Drew 704-534-3416.
i moustache you a question, after i can think of one.

ExtrmTao said...

In, my blood type is rambo.

Let me know if you don't get the numeros you are looking for. I can always invite mas peeps.


-d said...

Hennessey a.k.a. East Side's Art Bell
blood type: green
Favorite band: Slayer
comin' like a flood. watch out Doogie...

Robert said...

Stupid BC Bike Race always gettin in the way. You boys and girls have fun, and to whoever wins, remember that I wasn't there.

Sharp Emmons said...

Sharp Emmons
AKA Sharpie, BigSwifty

Blood Type: Yazoo

I'm comin' with socks, beer and no kids.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I talked to N8 and freshdougiefresh and the bike extraveganza sounds like way too much fun. If you still have a seat on the bus I'll drive down from Ohio with Bean on Thursday.

Bill Duerksen aka "Crunch"

looking forward to it.

thanks, bill

Dunn said...

Greg Dunn
AKA Beetle

I can't wait

Blood type: Kentucky blue

Anonymous said...

Whats up? I met you at the Snake Creek Gap last year, a friend of Dougy's from Ohio.
I will be attending and arriving late afternoon Thursday!!!!!!!!! Are you available for a trail ride Friday?
Consider this as my registration to the event...i want on the party bus, i really want on the party bus.


937 368 1854 cell

Anonymous said...

Thad Hoffman - Farmboy
Blood Type - gravel
Bringing the pain and good whiskey...

Cissy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beefcake said...

David J. Cook
a.k.a. Beefcake
Blood type - phil wood
I said "wood"

Anonymous said...

Adam Winton
O negative

Anonymous said...

Count me in if I can fit, it's my birffday!!

Dennis Kuntz
alias: unknown

blood type: EtOH

Bologna said...

The real Dugie Fresh
Blood Type: Boiling
Hedge your bets, the moon is lit and trees are full, smelling the sweet mountain air we ride & sigh when over the sky moving the point to reveal happy peace with all.

Chris said...

ivory is on the way

Si said...

I'm in 545 0644
blue inside red outside

Anonymous said...

AKA "Broussard"


I ain't got time to bleed.

Anonymous said...

Marshall Hance
Type: O face

PisgahWorks said...

Yo Poacho el Enduro de Ocho

Blood Type: Gasoline

mj_Asheville said...

how could any asheville based mtn biker not do this? i'm in.

jamie said...

jamie aka. jamie
blood type: delicous

gabriel said...

sounds like the Jam I'am in
Gabriel Hargett 279-4889

Anonymous said...

Bringin' the bike on bike action, after work on Sat.
A.K.A ???
Blood Type: Must be peanut butter, cause I'm so smooth.

Anonymous said...

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